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Now Available for Pre-Order




The Launch Date of my new series, Empire of Ashes, is almost here. The first installation, THE PERSIAN is due to be released on October 4th, 2022. But it is available at for pre-order at bookstores now.

This Just in!



I got my copies only a couple days before launch.  I'm quite happy with how this one turned out, and I even had a hand in designing this particular cover with my talented editor, Janelle.  I'm looking forward to the feedback! Enjoy.


Coming Soon




I get asked all the time, "When is the next one coming out.?"
Well I'm pretty excited about this one. I think it turned out well and in 2022, Elodie's Ghost, the third installment in the Sword Demon Series, will be available to join the others on your shelf.
I hope you like it.

Now Available - A Christmas Across Time Vol 2





I am definitely excited about this one.  In this second anthology, I have contributed a little story based around the events of the Turkish Genocide against the Armenians—a story of the resilience of spirit that has kept this ancient culture strong throughout its history of persecution and adversity. And if The Ornament spreads a little holiday feeling along the way, even better.
This anthology holds the contributions of some pretty talented writers and makes a great Christmas gift to someone who loves to read. I hope you enjoy.

Now Available




​It's finally here! The release date for Marielle's Witch has come and gone.  So far, the reviews and comments have been amazing and I want to thank everyone that pre-ordered, and those that are ordering now.  If you haven't yet, check the links on the home page.  I never expected to have such a large and                                                                                                  wonderful group of readers following my work.  Send me a                                                                                                         comment and let me know what you think.


New Cover For Marielle's Witch



So, this happened. Due to some unforeseen issues, were were forced to scramble for another cover. As it happens, I have a crack team of professionals behind me and this is the result of a lot of blood and sweat and vodka. I can't say I wasn't a bit disappointed with having to lose the cover we started with, but I'm quite happy with this one, and most who have seen it like it much better. So there you have it. Launch date is as before, July 1st, 2021. Enjoy!      ​


Marielle's Witch now available for PRE-ORDER



​Many have asked me when my next book would be available for preorder. Barnes and Noble are the first ones to get it up on their site with the others to follow. Chapters Indigo is always slow to get the physical copies ready but the e-book is there. So it's not released until June, but for those of you who want to get in on it early, here it is. I appreciate all the support from those who have read my first one and those who have left me kind messages and generous reviews. Thank you. Enjoy.

Pre-Order HERE


Breaking News


A special thanks to SNAPD for doing this little write up on me in their paper. It is much appreciated! 



Still Going Strong




Even as the launch of Marielle's Witch approaches, new readers are discovering the story of Laplace and his demon. And despite physical bookstores being closed all over the world for a large part of the year, the response to my little novel has been overwhelming.  
I have received photos of people holding my book from all over the world. Everywhere from Canada to Taiwan, Japan, France, Italy, Germany...even Saudi Arabia, Laplace has had the pleasure of traveling. I am humbled and grateful to everyone who took the time to send me these greetings, strangers, and friends all. 
Today I am sending a special shout-out to Salem (Pictured above with permission)  from the beautiful state of Texas to thank her for reading my story. Her father Gayle went through the effort of getting her a signed copy for Christmas, and though it didn't arrive on time, (I blame Covid) I hope she enjoys the journey it brings her on.

Start on the adventure today!



If you haven't yet read Laplace's Demon, now is the time. With the second book in the Sword Demon Series just about ready to hit the printer, there is no better time to start delving into the story of Professor Haefastien Arsenault, otherwise known as Laplace.
Have a look at the trailer below.

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